Client Engagement Process : Strategic & Tactical Consulting Engagements
Setting the context
To prioritize the engagement topics and challenges
To determine the mix of consulting approaches that will best benefit the client
Analysis Phase One : One-to-one session with the CEO
To determine where are we today?
To gain insights regarding where the organization is currently and determine whether the business really needs the services of a consultant
The exercise may point towards a few ‘quick wins’
Analysis Phase Two : One-to-one session with Key Managers
To determine where are we today?
One-to-one interactive sessions with each of the client’s Top Managers, with a view to gain additional insights regarding the current situation of the organization
The exercise may point towards more ‘quick wins’
Analysis Phase Three : Establishing & Sharpening the Engagement focus
Peer brainstorming and discussion of findings that have emerged from the two previous sessions, in a group setting, that includes the CEO as well as the Key Managers
Sorting, grading and prioritizing the identified issues
This session will determine whether the strategy making exercise needs to cover all aspects of the business or just focusing on specific aspects such as Sales, Marketing, Distribution Channel, etc., will suffice.
Setting out the Strategic and Tactical plans
Where do we want to go, from here?/What would be the best approach to solve our current problems & issues?
How do we get to where we want to go?
What needs to be done?
Assigning Roles and Responsibilities for implementation of solutions (KRAs)
Establishing a monitoring and Performance measurement methodology (KPIs)