The Insight Vision : Strategic & Tactical Consulting Division

The Small & Medium Business context

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) operate in an environment that is extraordinarily complex.
With markets becoming increasingly global, competitors increasingly hostile, and ‘constant change’ a rule rather than an exception, managing a small business has become an ongoing challenge.
However, very few SMBs are in a position to deal with these challenges, on an objective basis, owing to scarce resources, limited management bandwidth, and restraints imposed by their past commitments, current competencies, and future contracts.

How Insight may help you ?

Insight helps SMBs cut through the clutter and frills, and cut straight to the chase.
With the aid of a set of techniques, frameworks, and diagnostic tools – extensively field-tested, refined and distilled over several consulting assignments, with leading organizations, Insight helps you
- gain insights about where you are now, generate decisions that enable you to build on ‘what you have’ so that you can get to ‘where you aspire to be’.
- set out a step-by-step approach for evaluating your options, create appropriate strategies that match your capabilities & resources and a tactical plan to implement them successfully.