The Insight Vision : Knowledge Processing Division

Global Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) and The India Market

India is a potentially promising destination for global Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)
It has established its leadership and proved its pre-eminence in a cross-section of industries including General Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Food Processing, Textiles, IT & IT-enabled Services, Aeronautics and Aerospace.
For any business, of any size, from anywhere in the world, there are very compelling reasons to be in India - the fourth largest economy in the World, in terms of purchasing power parity
However, India is not a ‘plug and play’ country, in the sense that
- The business environment is highly dynamic and subject to rapid and often unexpected change
- It takes time and effort to truly understand and appreciate the unique challenges that it poses

How Insight may help you ?

Insight helps global SMBs cut through the clutter and frills, and cut straight to the chase.
With the aid of a set of techniques, frameworks, and investigative tools – extensively field-tested, refined and distilled over several consulting assignments, with leading organizations, Insight helps you
- gain insights about the India market and think through an appropriate India strategy
- set out a step-by-step approach for evaluating your options, create appropriate strategies that match your capabilities & resources and a tactical plan to implement them successfully.